One of the dilemmas of small business is the steady cash flow for the operations. It is important for entrepreneurs to protect their business’ liquidity capabilities. When the revenue and profit are not sufficient to fund the payroll and other vital expenditures, there is indeed a BIG problem. Fortunately, there are credit companies that offer business loan. Compared to banks, the approval period in these lending firms is shorter.

However, despite the convenience of opting for loans to solve business problems, why not avail business loan for more important purposes like innovation or renovation and start looking for practical ways to save.

  1. Buy Second-Hand

Be wise and purchase second-hand vehicles, equipment and office furniture. Look for quality and good stuff which are sold in lesser price. Find companies that sell or auction their old equipment. Make sure that they are functional and without damage.


You can also lease equipment for a certain period of time but try to get the best negotiation deal to maximize its use at lower price. Avoid buying anything that you do not need, only what are essentials to business operations.


  1. Maximize rebates and loyalty rewards

Sign up for various loyalty programs and corporate cards that give cash rebates for routine purchases or use of services. Accumulated rebates and loyalty rewards lessen the cost of expenses of the business.


  1. Utilize Community Resources Support

Singapore is a business-friendly nation especially for new start-ups. Seek subsidy fund, grants or business loans from government initiatives such as SME Go Digital, Startup SG and many more.


  1. Learn to Negotiate Discounts with Vendors or Suppliers

Learning the tricks of the business require good negotiation skills. One of them is to get huge discounts from suppliers and sell the items at higher prices. This increases profits and lowers the operational cost. Buying in bulk is another way to get discounts.


  1. Defer Payments

Get goods on credit and pay when they are sold. Deferred payment scheme enables entrepreneurs to use cash for other essentials and earn profits at the same time.


  1. Barter

Conserve cash by bartering with other business. Exchange your services or products to get what you need. For instance, ask a marketing agency to create ads for your business in exchange of a website design service of your company. The point is to enhance the growth of your business and attract more clients without paying a lot of money.


  1. Run Business From Home

Home office is the cheapest way to run your business. This helps you avoid rental fees which cut off a large portion of your capital. Better to start at home then gradually move in to a commercial space once your business is getting steady revenues.

With conscious effort and discipline, you can grow your small business successfully by ensuring liquid cash. A dollar saved is a dollar earned. Make use of fast online cash loans to finance necessary improvements to make your venture more profitable.